EKOTEZ, apol. s.r.o. was founded in February 1991.

The name company combines words “EKOlogická TEchnická Zařízení” - Ecological Technical Equipment.

In 1995, the company joined the international Earth's ozone layer protection program and subsequently became a supplier to more than 90 projects financed by the World Bank (WB), UNIDO, UNOPS and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. In the field of correct handling of refrigerants, EKOTEZ has achieved significant professional and commercial successes.

Our company exports worldwide especially for ozone layer protection programs and airspace industry.


Approved supplier of UNIDO and UNDP ozone layer protection projects. 

The current production range includes equipment for handling refrigerants (recovery units, flushing units in cooperation with the technology of Honeywell Chemicals, filling equipment), dehumidifiers (condensing air dryers) and individual technological units. We produce LV and JV reclaiming equipment for removing oil, moisture, acid and solid particles from common single and multi-component refrigerants (previously Van-Steenburgh).

The company complete export production range:

Dehumidifiers (condensing air dryers)

Flushing unit Ekoflush  + flushing solvent Solstice PF-C

Reclaiming station JV

Reclaiming station JV A2L

Recovery devices JV+filter chiller RCH070

Floating covering for KOI

K581 waste gas separator

Custom manufacturing and construction 

We deliver and distribute as well:

tools and equipment for refrigerators and other professions


compressors and cooling units

Cu pipes

condensate pumps and others

air conditioning

heaters and boilers 


The goods are of renowned companies Refco, ITE, ATP-Bosch (TIF, Robinair), ACC-Cubigel (Huayi), TST Stag, Wigam, Hansa, Unicorn, Klimax, Niccons, Fieldpiece, Mastercool, Qclima, Olimpia Splendid, Tecnogas ,Zetaesse, DE.NA, Imperiale, RDA, Dehon, Carly, Omnia Components, Value, Proex , Imperiale, Tazzetti and dozens of other companies.

EKOTEZ holds QMS (ISO: 9001:2009) and EMS (ISO 14001:2005) management system certificates since 2003.



Contact us: commerce@ekotez.cz   tel. 00420 221 599 120

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